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Use SharePoint directly on your iPhone
With Webstate's iSharePhone it is possible to access your SharePoint intranet portal directly from your iPhone interface. iSharePhone uses the native user friendly iPhone interface!
iSharePhone is an official iPhone application developed by Webstate
Webstate's iSharePhone is developed with the iPhone SDK. It can soon be installed directly from the iPhone App Store. iSharePhone works asynchronous, which means that even if your connection isn't good, you can still view SharePoint content. Advanced compression algorithms make iSharePhone faster then a normal web application and makes it able to handle more data with less bandwidth.

Webstate's iSharePhone uses the familiar iPhone interface and can be used immediately by any iPhone user. You can work with SharePoint straight away, without learning any new skills. This makes iSharePhone more than just a SharePoint viewer.
Secure communication
Working with the latest iPhone firmware, the iSharePhone security will be better then ever. You can remote wipe the iPhone with Exchange.

iSharePhone and SharePoint Portal Server use SSL communication for data encryption. All the data on the iPhone will be stored in an encrypted SQLite database. The account information will be stored in the Keychain with the all the security standards provided by Apple.

Webstate's iSharePhone is able to centrally grant access to SharePoint users.
How do we do it
How does iSharePhone work?
Your iPhone connects to the iSharePhone Server through SSL. The Server authorizes and manages iSharePhone users. The Server connects to the SharePoint server and is either placed in the DMZ or behind the firewall.
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